The beauty of your kitchen has an impact on the rest of your house. While you may have a simple functioning and simple kitchen, you can reflect your style by converting it into a thoughtfully designed place. One of the most popular interior design trends in 2020 is waterfalls’ kitchen worktops. This year, we anticipate seeing many of them, particularly waterfall countertop islands, which will help generate luxurious contemporary feelings. Because of its growing popularity, most tradespeople are now trained in waterfall countertop setup, making it much easier to incorporate one in your modern kitchen renovation or remodel. 

It’s no wonder that many of us are turning our kitchen cupboards sideways and slamming our obsolete worktops after months of quarantine. The waterfall countertop concept is a trendy method to add beauty to the kitchen. We look at the waterfall countertop trend in this blog, covering what it is and how to incorporate it into your kitchen remodel.

The Waterfall Countertop Trend – Looks That Inspire

As its waterfall countertop concept is so trendy worldwide today, it’s about time you consider more details. A countertop that extends vertically to the cabinet’s border is known as a drop-in countertop. It provides a constant flow that ties the cabinet together smoothly and naturally. Countertops with waterfalls are a more sophisticated setup. 

This creates a seamless flow, a smooth and spontaneous connection between the floor and the cabinets. On many levels, the effect of a waterfall countertop on a kitchen (or a bathroom) may be seen. Trends come and go, but this timeless kitchen design isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s a sleek and spectacular approach to highlight a gorgeous countertop in a modern home.

Why Choose a Waterfall Kitchen Countertop?

It has the ability to brighten the space

Is the atmosphere in your kitchen a bit suffocating? Perhaps you desire something a little more gentle and romantic. Replace your conventional tabletop with a waterfall one if you’re tired of rough edges. The bench will flow into the floor, giving a continuous appearance rather than distinct and separated parts. If you prefer a pleasant, balanced look versus one with defined features and obvious contrast, waterfall countertop construction may be the best option. 

It offers a touch of refinement and elegance

There’s no disputing that waterfall countertops give a room a genuine feeling of luxury. When utilized in a kitchen, waterfall countertop islands may change the atmosphere and set the standard. The flowing form of the countertop, along with the opulent texture, provides an extremely strong combination. 

They make a point

If you’re looking for a striking modern kitchen design element for your kitchen, look no further. A waterfall countertop may be just what you need. These seats, which are usually constructed of expensive materials, are quite eye-catching. The design itself is likely to draw notice because of the abundance of material compared to a conventional tabletop. If you have a quartz countertop, for example, it will be evident on the top. 

The counter’s sides could be marble as well, and it will be the primary thing you notice when you walk into space.

What Materials Can You Use to Make a Waterfall on Your Countertop? 

Even if you’re on a strict budget, it’s a good idea to go for long-lasting, reliable materials that won’t need to be updated soon. To make these vibrant kitchen design ideas truly shine, seek attractively, eye-catching, and high-quality components. For waterfall materials and designs, marble, quartz, and granite are great choices. Wood and concrete, on the other hand, may also be utilized. 

What Is the Reason Behind the High Cost of Waterfall Countertops? 

For three reasons, waterfall countertops are more costly than conventional counters: 

  • They are almost usually constructed of high-end kitchen design tools and materials. 
  • They take up more space than conventional benches and need more materials. 
  • The installation is more expensive. 

Granite, quartz, granite, and natural stone are frequently used to make these worktops. These materials are the ideal finishing for a kitchen and exude absolute opulence; yet, they are more expensive than some other, more conventional benchtop components. 

What Should the Price of Waterfall Countertops Be? 

The price of a waterfall countertop varies. On the other hand, quartz slabs should cost between $75 and $120 per sq foot. Do not try to DIY them to save money on installation, even if you are a skilled and creative person. You run the danger of destroying the whole countertop and double your expenses. 

The cost of installation varies by locality and goes from $60 to $100 per sq foot. There will be an additional manufacturing expense to produce the constant flow from horizontally to drop vertically. Fabricators use a computerized numerically controlled laser cutter to create a countertop waterfall. This carefully smoothes the borders, assuring that there is no apparent gap. The size of your area determines the price of fabrication. 

The cost is also higher owing to the additional material required. Waterfall countertops feature two sides that flow gently to the ground rather than just one horizontal slab. If you’re considering a waterfall countertop, you’ll need to budget for this additional material. 

It also implies that installing a waterfall countertop is more costly. It’s more complicated than putting a single block on top of an established bench, and it requires a little time since there’s more material involved. For you to create a smooth, flowing appearance, the installers must now install the top and sides. 

Waterfall countertops are one you should consider whether you’re building a new kitchen or renovating an existing one. They’ll be trendy throughout 2021, and they’ll provide every area a contemporary, luxurious vibe. Always ensure to do your research and account for the added costs of a waterfall countertop.

Here Are Some Tips for Designing a Waterfall Countertop:

The mid-century look is a vibe 

You may create your house’s ideal place by combining old-school and trendy décor. On the island, create a white countertop waterfall. Leave room for moderately elegant Scandinavian-styled seats if you have adequate space.

Countertop waterfall and small spaces 

The majority of individuals live in cramped quarters. Although it is everyone else’s desire to move to a bigger place, you must not restrict the design of your house because of its size. Changing just one component, such as the countertop design, makes a larger effect and costs less in a tiny area. No matter how big or small kitchen design is, live magnificently.

Elevate your cabinet or ordinary island 

A waterfall kitchen island can give your kitchen a whole new appearance. For stylish storage, utilize a kitchen peninsula with open shelving. The waterfall countertop peninsula adds a more cultured and refined feeling to the area, despite its simplicity.

The power of bright furniture 

Add some color to a monotone waterfall countertop with some colorful and bold seats. The days of being color-safe are long gone. Incorporate yellow, bluish, or orange in your kitchen furniture pieces to see what you can come up with.

Get artsy 

Quartz comes in various designs that may merge in a while, still adding an aesthetic flair to your environment. Enjoy the exquisite intricacies and subtle shading like you would a painting’s brushstrokes.

Try contrasting colors 

Contrasting colors provide aesthetic appeal. White cabinets, for example, may make a black waterfall countertop truly stand out.

Play around with marbles 

A simple marble waterfall countertop or a desaturated colors whites and black marble waterfall countertop will add complexity to the area.

Bold colors are a great option too 

Make a statement with brightly colored countertop waterfalls. If you choose chandelier light, concealed lighting, lamp fittings, or track lights, make the vivid colors pop with the appropriate lighting.

Bright whites will lighten your space 

A hardwood floor and a white-on-white kitchen countertop waterfall with minimal décor will give your kitchen a refreshing, spotless appearance.

Double kitchen island with wood waterfall countertop

A waterfall countertop serves many purposes: it hides appliances, protects cabinets, and is visually appealing and stunning.

Kitchen island with open shelves

The waterfall design also enables you to showcase the countertop’s material, thus elevating an average countertop or cabinets to a new level, making it into a masterpiece of elegant and refined furniture. That’s a little feature with a huge impact.

The Bigger the Pantry, the Better

This 2021, as everyone tried to find out where to store an oversupply of canned foods and toiletries, the desire for pantries increased. 13 percent of kitchen renovators are installing a new walk-in pantry. 

With 46% of people updating their pantry cabinetry, they just need an Instagram-ready pantry. Others just want an Instagram-ready pantry, with 46 percent upgrading their pantry cabinets.

Marble waterfall countertop and built-in appliances

This renovated kitchen features a stylish peninsula with wooden storage facilities and built-in equipment encased in a clean white counter that descends each side. You can see the waterfall countertop’s simplicity and elegance.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the visual benefits of a waterfall counter, there are also functional considerations to be considered. The most significant benefit is that waterfall countertops are less difficult to clean than conventional counters.

If you wish to have this addition to your ideal kitchen, contact Kitchen Remodel Gainesville today! Our team can make your dream kitchen a possibility!

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